Friday, March 16, 2018

Quilting | #30quiltdesignchallenge2018

Hi Everyone, I have been busy participating in the design challenge hosted on Instagram by Sandra at mmmquilts. 

This challenge is harder than I thought!  The challenge is to create 30 quilt designs in 90 days. It doesn't sound too bad right.

Here are my quilt designs 1-16 from the challenge.

I have learned so much about my style, pattern tools, color, not to mention the techniques that will be used to put together the quilt. I am a fairly new quilter 3 years? but I have been sewing since I was really little.

I am still trying to find my own style of quilting so, I tried using quilting apps for the pictures below that I call Double Irish Granny and Ohio Grannies, perhaps the name indicates how I felt about these patterns. lol. 

I have started making some of the designs. one of them I designed for a commission and the other I am making for a challenge. You could say that the need to create a particular quilt drives the quilt design. 


Because I wasn't enjoying the process of designing on the quilting apps I tried drawing a tile and using a collage maker to rotate and repeat the tiles to make the above and below patterns. I really enjoyed this process because It allowed me to use the Low Fi pen and paper coupled with the High Fi computer technology. 


I only have 15 more days for 14 more designs by April 30th. I know that by then I am going to wonder and perhaps hope that the deadline was an April Fools Day joke...

Wish me luck and let me know which one you like the best! and until next time friends, stay curious

If you want to follow my progress on Instagram here is the link

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Monday, March 5, 2018

Quilting | AHIQ Post Punk Circus

Hi! I have been waiting to show you all this! My progress on the Post Punk Circus. Last night I measured the horozantal strips of large diamonds and started taping paper together to draw the ballgown on. I wanted a bit of a pattern for the structure of the peiced hexagons so I could see where to add the next one. I dont have a design wall so I have to work on a flat surface and do the quilt in peices.

I usually only draw half of the pattern if the design is semetrical then fold over the paper to get an even shape. All of the hexagons are machine peiced because I can and I am pretty impatient. I think I have the knack of getting the Y seams down. It is pretty easy if you leave enough room in the joins.

Once I finished peicing all of the white and off white diamonds for the upper half of the background, I was not happy. Maybe I need to iorn them out, but being a newer quilter I went about putting them together a little willy-nilly and the peice did not come out straight. Iron, trim, iron, add more, iron, may be my process to fix them.

I am holding myself back from the fussy cutting for the ginormus hair stack on this lady untuil the gown is done and I start working my way up this quilt.

I am so impatient with wanting this quilt to come together! aggh!

I cant wait to show you all the parts together.

Untuil next time friends, stay punk.


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Friday, February 23, 2018

Quilting | Designing Patterns

Have you ever tried collage quilting? I haven't, not yet.  I am going to try it with the number four design I made in the #30quiltdesigns2018 challenge being hosted by mmmquilts

Lady Luck Quilts is hosting a class on collage quilting in March, and I thought it would be an excellent place to start.

I was playing around with my scraps looking for ways to use them up and I combined them with a New York Beauty block by using foundation paper piecing. I sort of had a hard time finding a free pattern for this block. It probably shouldn't have been hard to find but, there it is.

I ended up copying this jpg. and pasting into word then dragging the corners until it was the size I wanted. I printed it on regular printer paper and watched a quick youtube tute on how to paper piece, and I was off to the races! 

The NY NY pieces turned into an inspiration for the #7 quilt design called NY Mandala 

I am learning so much through this design challenge about myself and how the art world works.

For example; A couple of days ago I was furious that someone "stole" one of my design elements. There are so many quilters and artists out there that there is a high degree of repetition that I need to chill out about. It is part of the learning process of getting your work out there. Don't get me wrong I am still going to do what feels right for me at the time, but I am going to sit back a little more, be a little more humble, and enjoy the process for myself.

If you want to watch follow me on Instagram or join in yourself! It is a really good challenge.

Untuil next time my friends, stay humble


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Friday, February 16, 2018

Quilting | Grannies Around the World

I made this quilt for my mom for Christmas. I have started many things for family members and not always gotten them finished. This one I crammed until Christmas Eve!

This is the first time I have tried anything fancy for a quilting motif. It is not an all over design and the batting is fairly puffy so I didn't want to quilt too dense. This quilt is wondrously heavy and snuggly at the same time. :) 

I was laughing with a new friend I made at my first quilt guild meeting, about being so bone tired and bleary-eyed trying to meet a deadline and how we keep going. Perseverance my friends, that is the stuff that quilters are made of.

My mom  helped me choose the sashing fabric and the widths for this quilt. I spent a lot of my childhood in my mom's sewing room playing with scraps of fabric and rummaging and admiring her stash.

I am pretty grateful to of had that experience and I will always cherish the 70's inspired fabrics and caftans that I subsequently stole and ruined as a teenager.

I owe my mom some crochet shawls too that I wore everywhere as an "outspoken fashion plate teen" I used to wear the craziest of stuff!

Where are all the freaks? Where are all my fearless brothers and sisters?

No matter; I am tamer but still not trusted to dress myself to "fit in" I do get the "you are wearing that?" or the "you cant come with me if you are wearing that!".

I think that shall be my new aim. more of that.

Here is a song that really perked me up today on CBC Radio Two this morning. I am going to try and keep this jive mojo through the day to inspire me.

Until next time friends, stay fearless.


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Monday, February 12, 2018

Quilting | AHIQ Playing With Scale

Hi All, I have joined the 30 quilt designs by April challenge by mmmquilts! it really helped me get my ideas for the AHIQ playing with scale quilt moving along.

I have created several of the elements I want to put together in this quilt. I am getting pretty nervous to see if they do go together 

I knew what I wanted to do (mostly) and I had some bits started so I put them together in design entry #1

This past weekend I cut and sewed neutrals for the background with some vertical diamonds. And I resized all of the extra hexies to 3" hexies for the skirt. It was too hard to combine different sizes of hexies, that's an EPP game I am not ready to play yet.  

I can't wait to show you all of the pieces together. I think the next step will be drafting a paper pattern for the dress and body and hair. Hello, pencil and scotch tape!

Until next time stay hopeful my friends,


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Friday, February 9, 2018

Quilting | Wild Child

I am starting a new Quilt!

I love working with clients; they inspire me to do things I would not initially consider doing. Because the Mnoster Mash and the Flying Geese both left my sewing room this week, I felt like I could take on something new.

I have taken on the 30 quilt designs challenge in 2018 It prompted me to plan this one out a little bit. I usually draw out my designs like this early in the quilt stage. Sometimes after large pieces of it have been completed and sometimes before the fabric pull. In this case, It was done after the fabric pull but before any sewing began.

This bear panel is the top part of a larger panel that I think I am going to cut in half to be able to make the quilt more scrappy. It is so beautiful though.
I wanted to find some more animals to go with the bear motif. I saw these darling wolves! I have a thing for wolves right now, but it is true I cannot deny it. This year being the year of the dog I think it is entirely en vogue! 

I think I will fussy cut some of these pretty darlings into some squares. 

This is the beginning of something pretty cool I think! I am really starting to love the quilts I make. I might have to make one for myself soon.

Until next time my friends,

Stay Wild!


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Monday, February 5, 2018

Quilting | Over the Rainbow "There's no place like home"

I am quilting on the Over the Rainbow Quilt!. I needed something that would be good for solid squares, something that could be done in a row, and something fun and cute that would challenge me. I hit my Pinterest FMQ board to see what types of ideas I had stored there my Alice in Wonderland-like rabbit hole search landed me at Lori Kennedy's Inbox Jaunt blog  I scrolled down all the impossibly cute designs and said yes to the first one that squeaked "do it!"

This is what happened after!

Pretty cute hey! This quilt is for a lovely lady in Kansas! how appropriate!

In other news, I have a position on the board of my local rug hooking guild as outreach coordinator. Because I had no idea what I was supposed to do I attended a local Focus on the Fiber Arts Anual General Meeting. After learning about budgets, grants, and events, there was a needlework class!  I did a pretty crappy job I am NOT good at needlework. I am not even going to show you a picture! lol. 

I was so stressed out with needlework which is strange because I love EPP and hand sewing. The above picture is an English Paper Piecing project I picked up on a road trip across the prairies in October to keep me busy. I won't give up on needlepoint totally.... but I am confident that I can cross it off the list for now. 

Until next time, Stay cute my friends! hehe


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