Friday, February 10, 2017

Quilting | Phase Basting

I upcycle, I do. It fills me with a satisfaction knowing that I have taken something outdated and unwanted and turned it into something more enjoyable. Yesterday I basted Rohen's finished quilt top to an upcycled bedspread. My basting process is probably different than yours, but maybe not. maybe there is an underground movement of phase basters. yes, that is what I am calling it: Phase Basting.

Phase Basting is where the quilt top and the backing is secured to the batting separately. I baste like this because I am impatient, mostly and because I am very limited on space. I live in a Canadian post-war shotgun house with a teenager a 5-year-old a husband, a puppy and a medium-sized lab-mut.

I did come across a lady who was using an ironing board to baste her quilts as she was also short on space and I think that I started with that method then moved to the floor with quilting pins.

Phase Basting allows me to work on the back side of the quilt; being short on space I basically use the back as a design wall! lol

I may be taking a break from this one as I am getting a little sick of looking at it. I've joined Quilty 365! and I am very excited about that!

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Rug Hooking | Moog Progress

This is the progress! I really wanted to show you the dying I did for the darker blue in Moog's forehead but I got carried away cutting up the wool. At that point I thought, ok, well, I should show them the cut strands, then I got carried away with hooking it up into my cute alien's head. oops. …
Moog Progress, Head Shot
I am waiting on some green prochem dye to come in from our local guild store so I can keep hooking the rest of Moog. I haven't decided on a background for this guy. Any Ideas? 

Moog Progress, Full body

Monday, February 6, 2017

Quilting| Rohen's Chinese Coins

I am working on Rohen's Quilt. I have the big star blocks pieced together with supporting elements and am now working on herringbone Chinese coins.  The quilt is starting to look phenomenal! Nathan says that I should highly value the work that I am putting in on this one and that he does! he also hints that he can't wait to have his own blanket. I have made quite a few afghans and quilts but he has yet to receive his. Patience my love patience. :)

I purchased some scraps from Weave and Woven  on Etsy, a seller from Ontario Canada, and used them to perk up the original color scheme for the stars. I love the scraps and the packaging was so lovely!

I can't wait to show you the top.


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