Monday, April 3, 2017

Quilting | Your Grandmothers Quilt

I finished your grandmother's quilt! I cut it up, I  added pieces of me; clothing of my dear friends and myself. 

I added borders, and I added a worn yellow flannel backing, fluffy filling and a scrappy binding. This quilt is home. 

It makes me feel like a little girl, It makes me smile, and it makes me proud. This sweet quilt is lovely, it was sewn with love.

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Stay lovely my friends and follow my blog. 



  1. Your grandmother's quilt is more loved than ever. The lovely flower colors give it a feeling of life and joy. All the hands that have touched it through the years have made it soft and cuddly. You have a real treasure.

  2. Your grandmother's quilt is just wonderful, I think you capture the essence of what a quilt should be. It's so pretty, snuggly and something you want to wrap yourself with. Great job!