Monday, May 1, 2017

Quilting | AHIQ Improv Challenge

Hi, I have made a fabric pull for the AHIQ two block challenge! Kaja from sew slowly is hosting the challenge on her blog page here

Some of these fabrics have come from the epic church sale and some from the free store. There are a couple of licenced prints in here too that I aquired on a low willpower day.

I am trying to use all up-cycled and re-purposed materials in my quilts. For new fabrics I have been emailing the retail stores to see if they have an ethical purchasing policy or offer organic fabrics. I have not had any luck so far, mind you I have been looking at the normal retail stores.

Next, I need to choose a block or two. The above are some upcycled orphan blocks that were given to me by my mom's friend Pam. I have been meaning to write a post of all of the lovely material that she has given me and pieces of hers that show up in my quilts. I have been waiting for the Sunday Stash by Molli Sparkles to show it off. Next weekend my friends, I will post that one next weekend.

For the AIHQ I am thinking a pinwheel, log cabin and some applique... we shall see what happens!

 I also really want to try a drunkards path block lol, so It may turn out completely different than the original plan!

 I am looking forward to this challenge! Thank you for hosting it Kaja

Until later my friends, Stay up-cycled !

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