Monday, September 18, 2017

Quilting | Sagittarius Strings

Do you remember this guy?  It has been growing up! I have been adding to it! I had a whole stack and I did not know what I was going to do with them... :(         I had Quilters Block... haha, 

Until Simbi! have you guys heard of Simbi

It is a community where you can trade services and goods with other people. You can trade for Simbi credits that you can use to get other services. Neat right?! 

Check out Simbi! 

I love sharing my work with other people but I have always been uncomfortable selling it for cash. Trading for a service or product is more valuable to me than money.  

The Tale of the Sagittarius Strings: 

A girl on Simbi was looking for a blanket for her twin bed and I thought of the stack of strings waiting to be quilted up. I can do that! I love making blankets! so I started sewing all of those stripy blocks together.  

I looked up her profile on Simbi to see what types of things she likes and I found out that her favorite color is RAINBOW!!!!  

I was just thinking of making a rainbow blanket the other day! I didn't have a use for one so I put it out of my mind. I now have my chance to make something that someone needs and appreciates. 

Eliora is also a Sagittarius and I am hoping to use it in the design somewhere. (I love zodiac themed design) I hope you like it so far Eliora :) 

Until next time - Stay bartering my friends

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Friday, September 8, 2017

Quilting | A Rohen's Finish

I Finished It. It only took four months.... To get back on track

Rohens Quilt is reversible, with the large pieced stars on the one side and the patchwork improv on the back. And he totally loved it, a big genuine smile and a real tight hug. I love that guy :)

 The quilting was one of my favorite parts! this is one of my first quilts that I have quilted designs all over instead of stitching in the ditch!

I have been watching Angela Walters on the midnight quilt show. it is such a treat to see a new episode!

Angela and the Midnight Quilt show has inspired my quilting this summer see...... Thanks, Angela!

Here is the quilting of the star showing through onto the scrappy back

looking back it seems really amazing to see all of the pieces come together from smaller scraps. 

I am totally inspired to keep going! In fact, I have two more scrap quilts on the go. I am excited to show you next time.

Until then, stay scrappy my friends.

I am so happy to link with finished or not Friday!  It has been such a long time.

Finished or Not Friday at Busy Hands Quilts
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