Monday, January 29, 2018

Quilting | AHIQ Challenge #29

I want to get in the game for Kaja's Improv Challange #29 so I have added it to my FAL list as # 6. This is a quilt I started last year but I got stuck and lost direction.

Can you see what I mean?

I'm trying and I almost see something coming together but it needs more elements...

My Inspirations when I began this piece are Global-Punk Circus with a sheen? yes, no? da? oui? hai!:

I love restrictions as they force my creativity, In the AHIQ Challange #29 the theme chosen was scale and I immediately thought of this piece I gaped at in awe a couple of years ago.

(I pinned this from  Pinterest. I am not sure who the creator is of it and if anyone knows please let me know as it is brilliant!)

Kaja does a great job of artfully choosing a direction that requires thought and creativity. I can't wait for this piece to come together and I look forward to sharing its progress!

Until then my friends stay inspired,


Quilting | Geese and Snow

Hello friends, over the weekend my fiance and I went up to our cabin. We try and make the two-hour jaunt most weekends. The cabin has power but no running water or gas, except for the gas stove which is hooked up to a large propane bottle outside. 

I mostly stayed inside and used my mother in laws old sewing machine to do some quilting on the Monster Mash, and the Geese Quilts.  I also used my ball winder to untangle the ungodly mess of yarn barf I have up at the cabin in my stash. 

I thought that it would be nice to take some pictures of the quilts up there but the light wasn't quite bright enough, the snow, however, was a delightful show. 

The Geese quilt is under the needle in my city sewing room now that we are back in the city for the week. I wonder if it will be done for the Friday finishes!?! that would be fun. 

Until the next time we can get up there, I will dream and remember the cozy time I spend at our getaway.

Until next time my friends, stay cozy or cool, whichever.


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Friday, January 26, 2018

Costumes | Dutch Angel Dragon

The Furry, one of the reasons why I havent been here with you all in a while was because in essence I was busy making a life size wearable doll.

 There is a genera of costumes called furrys a sub genra of these furrys there is a type called a Duch Angel Dragon.

I was commisioned to make this costume through Simbi and it took a long time!

The customer loved it and I loved making it!

Life is good my friends.


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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Quilting | The Best Thrift Fabric Sale

The best fabric sale ever is coming up again and I debate in my mind, do I need more fabric? hahahahahahahahaaaa (maniacal laugh)

 I was so thrilled with the fabric I found at the church sale in 2017. Each piece of fabric is measured, folded and tagged with bands for sale. If you didn't grab it and put it in your garbage bag while you were looking at it it would be gone as soon as you moved along. There were hundreds of people that attended! It was really fun!

I was feeling guilty about going to the sale this year until I started looking at these pictures and started realizing how much of my fabric I actually used up!


The pieces above were two dollars all together! These went into the flying geese quilt and the Cabin quilt.

I haven't used any of the above wool and heavier fabrics. I am working on a big dog bed for the big brown dog. Having these fabrics in my stash enabled me to "go for it" even if I ended up using a couple of other upholstery pieces I had.

The country tomato picknick summer blanket is a dream coming.

And a rug hooking kit! can you believe it! so lovely! I took this out of the hoop rolled it up and added it to my rug hooking stash

These are some knits that are in my stash now.

This upholstery fabric is probably destined for the cabin.

All of this thread cost a dollar fifty or something nuts like that, I have used up all of the yellow and red cones along with various little spools. I am now working my way through the pink, blue, and brown cones.

I think I will go again. I really dig upcycling deeply. I wonder how I would track how much yardage I used in 2017?  I guess I could just measure it... I try not to measure my art though. That settles it! I will go and get materials for my art without worry.

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Until next time friends, stay Arty.


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