Friday, August 31, 2018

Quilting | Lovely For the Set of Three

Hello Everyone. It is after the summer and it seems to be "back to it" after the summer boom. If the seasons and their various levels of busyness were described in economic terms then the summer would be a boom and the winter a recession (where we get cozy and use everything we gathered in the boom)

This summer was a busy one for sure! we renovated our house, sold said house, bought a larger house, planned a wedding and got married at the larger house aannnd now we are heading to the UK in two weeks.

I have managed to carve out time to get in the sewing room, I now have a sewing room!!! i am soooo loving it so far!

I have almost finished up the piecing for this quilt for a client. it is the first in a series of three. The three do not look alike one being a swoon quilt and the other a bird quilt.

The lady I am making the quilts for made me some hand made cold pressed custom scented soaps. soooo yummy. every time i shower it smells milky and real, not chemicalyy and perfumy! thank you Rebecca!

 This weekend is harvesting the garden before we go to England! Linking to Finished or not Fridays , Off the Wall Friday , and Can I get a Whoop Whoop  , Needle and Thread Thursday

Until next time,

Stay lovely


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