Monday, January 16, 2017

Quilting| 2017 FAL

2017 FAL

This is my first FAL. There are seven quilting projects on the table this year. I missed the Q1 goals submission deadline, I will try again in Q2! I should be closer to a finish too! that would be awesome. Until then I am finding this a good way to track my progress and stay organized!

OK, 2017 bring it on! I'm ready!

1. I cut your Grandmothers quilt up
2. Scrappy Minky Diamonds
3. Scona 2016 Championships or 2017 season
4. Four Winds and Batman for Jen and Jr
5. Inheritance
6. Rohen
7. Star Chart

1. I Cut up your grandmother's quilt
2. Scrappy Minx Diamonds
3. Scona 2016 Championship or 2017 season
4. Four Winds and Batman for Jen and Jr.
5. Inheritance 
6. Rohen
7. Star Chart

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