Monday, February 6, 2017

Quilting| Rohen's Chinese Coins

I am working on Rohen's Quilt. I have the big star blocks pieced together with supporting elements and am now working on herringbone Chinese coins.  The quilt is starting to look phenomenal! Nathan says that I should highly value the work that I am putting in on this one and that he does! he also hints that he can't wait to have his own blanket. I have made quite a few afghans and quilts but he has yet to receive his. Patience my love patience. :)

I purchased some scraps from Weave and Woven  on Etsy, a seller from Ontario Canada, and used them to perk up the original color scheme for the stars. I love the scraps and the packaging was so lovely!

I can't wait to show you the top.


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  1. Lovely scraps you've got there!!

  2. Hi Sarah - thanks for your emaIl - you are very welcome to join in this year's quilty 365 and you don't have to catch up - its fine to just start today :) there are others who started last year then stopped and are just picking up again - so you are welcome to start whenever you want and join in the monthly linkup - look forward to seeing your blocks :) Your email doesn't come up with your comment so I've had to reply here ! I think you need to let your email show on your blogger profile for it to be attached to comments :)

    1. Hi Leanne, I am so excited for Quilty 365! ( I even started some without a reply hoping that it would be fine to join) I cant wait to share my mood/s and see everyone else's circle blocks! thank you for the tip about the email, I will try to get it sorted.



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