Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Rug Hooking | Moog Progress

This is the progress! I really wanted to show you the dying I did for the darker blue in Moog's forehead but I got carried away cutting up the wool. At that point I thought, ok, well, I should show them the cut strands, then I got carried away with hooking it up into my cute alien's head. oops. …
Moog Progress, Head Shot
I am waiting on some green prochem dye to come in from our local guild store so I can keep hooking the rest of Moog. I haven't decided on a background for this guy. Any Ideas? 

Moog Progress, Full body


  1. Oh my gosh! I have been gagging to do rug hooking for years!! I bought a gorgeous book on proggy hooking too.. but the "stash" for it takes so much space I haven't been able to get started yet! Hee hee. I am sure I will enjoy it when I have plenty of room.... maybe in the next house. ;)

    1. Rug hooking is a really neat craft! it is like crochet and needlepoint mixed. I rug hook on a sturdy medium-sized quilting hoop with burlap or linen as the backing.

      Are your other crafty stashes large too? lol. We probably all struggle with that! I am limited in space as well so it forces me to be choose or the place gets stuffed to the gills with projects that suddenly turned into chores. I totally understand choosing timing for the craft. I hope you get to try it! it is really versatile enjoyable craft.



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