Friday, March 31, 2017

Crochet | Spring Rebel

I feel that rules and patterns are meant to be broken. I can't help it; I used to be a real rebel, now I quilt, stir the pot, make waves, and like to think I push the boundaries of status quo. As artists, we are all probably seeking this to some degree.

This blanket is what I have been working on among the fabric projects on the go. It is meant to brighten up my spring.  I used a shell stitch and no pattern for the stripes!!! GASP! YOU REBEL!!

These two are going to be dragon scale mitts for my soon to be sister in law. I searched forever trying to get a pattern without paying for one, and I finally figured it out! I looked up the crocodile stitch and went for it!

The flexibility of crochet is one of the main reasons why I enjoy it so much. If I get stuck in rules and boundaries, I get bored, and maybe a bit rebellious.

Finished or Not Friday at Busy Hands Quilts

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because I am definitely
not finished being a rebel!

Enjoy the spring my friends and stay a bit rebellious


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  1. Nice job rebel, if there's something I can't do is be a rebel with yarn, I'm basically a knitter who makes only scarves. I couldn't never find a way to control my tension with a crochet hook. Lucky you.


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