Saturday, April 8, 2017

Quilting | FAL Q2 Proposed Finishes

Hi! I am participating in the 2017 Finish Along Hosted by She Can Quilt . It has really been helping me to stay organized with my projects and hold me a little bit accountable. The first quarter went pretty good, but the second quarter is going to be even better! Below is a list of my projects for this quarter. Have a look, hope you enjoy!

1. Kimono - I started this for Jen's birthday. It just needs the trim and maybe an adjustment around the arms; It fits funny

2. Rohen's Improv - I need some quality time with this one to try out some different arrangements to balance it out.

3. Rohen's a Big Star - I need to find a backing and batting and deliver to my lovely nephew.

3. Scona 2016 Championships or 2017 season - I have the lion motif cut out and the complementing fabrics, this one shouldn't take too long

7. Star Map: aka Matthews constellation quilt - I have printed out the pattern and will get it on the top for some hand quilting

8. Cabin HST - I think I have all of the triangles cut out and sewn together in squares. Now for the placement and piecing them together. I am sure I can finish this one in this quarter.

I am so excited about this quarters finishes now that I know how this all works! 

Have fun friends and enjoy the process


I am linking to she can quilts #2017FALQ2



  1. Some great projects in this list Sarah - good luck with them all!!

    1. Thanks Abigail, I really want to show some progress! time to get them on the table!

  2. Good luck in finihing all your projects and the HST one in particular! Thank you for linking up to #scraptastictuesday!

    1. Hi Nicky, thank you for hosting scraptastic Tuesday! I am dying to get the HST one stitched up! I cant wait to share it!

  3. Oh I love your kimono, so pretty! And good luck finishing the improv & your HST tops.

    1. hahah, Thank you Linda, I made the kimono too short. I will have to add a bottom strip! thats the fun of it though.


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