Monday, April 3, 2017

Quilting | Rohen's Improv Battle Cry!

I am working on this fantastic improv back piece for Rohen's star quilt. All of the fabric that went into the top is used up on the back, along with scraps and general treasures from my stash.

My son said that it could use some brighter pieces, so I pulled some scraps from my stash and sewed together in mostly stacks. This quilt was begun during the AHIQ Chinese coins challenge and the improv backing is my tribute to that tradition.

Improv quilting is hard! You would think that it would be easy to just pull a color pallet and start putting all your squares and motif tricks together to build a quilt. Hmmm. Not so easy for this beginner.

I need to rearrange these blocks/pieces. It makes me a bit crazy looking at it. like I need to reach in a move things around!

I did contemplate just doing a simple backing for Rohen's quilt because I think it would be more comfortable to snuggle under.

It looks like this will become a top of its own! Back to the design wall! Back to the Backings! Quick find some Batting! Hear the battle cry of a quilters charge! (hahah, my mom would be proud she likes battle cries)

I am linking with Sew Slowly's AHIQ and Moving it Forward Monday.



  1. Yup your mother is really proud, and yes I doo like battle cries!!

  2. Good for you, using up those scraps! Keep playing with it until you hit upon a design you like. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Susan! thank you for hosting the linky! They are a great way to see other peoples work and make friends!

  3. This is looking pretty good to me. It can take a while with improv to find your rhythm and quilt backs are a good place to play around and try things out.

    1. Thanks Kaja! I have read so much of your work! thank you for sharing your journey of improv utility quilting! I love it!


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