Friday, October 6, 2017

Quilting | Q4, Monsters and Lions and Diamonds Oh My!

I have had a lot on the go. I bet you guys didn't know that. I am going to show you all what I have been working on (winky face). I will show you what occupies my time and the back room as we call it.

1. This awesome Over the Rainbow blanket
Which is almost done.

The Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds Quilt 
Needs more HST's but is coming along nicely

Flying out of my Sewing Room Geese

I have several more rows waiting to be attached to this. 

I Did the Monster Mash 

3 1/2'' squares need I say more... except I think it needs more punch, more color, more je ne ses quoi. 

Things look so different in pictures. I work in a really small space so I don't get to see it layed out much. 

Maybe I should join One Monthly Goal and have things like: Make lighting station, Make design wall, Cut up stash.... lol I don't know, it sounds ambitious. I am looking at going back to night classes and well, there won't be room or time for the fabric in my head. (yes I probably have fabric in my head, it's everywhere else) 

Until then, stay clever my friends. 

Linking up with FALQ4 and Finished or not Friday 

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  1. Fabulous list and so many beautiful projects! You can totally knock a few of these off this quarter. Thanks for linking up on behalf of the 2017 global Finish-A-Long hosts!

    1. Thank you Marci! I love the FAL it is great motivation to share what I am working on. All of these are commissions due in December and I look forward to getting them in the mail for my Simbi friends

  2. These are all great projects and I too have fabric in my brain along with Works In Progress and countless other things.

  3. Some lovely projects under way here! I really like your 'sewing room geese' great colour combo!


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