Friday, February 23, 2018

Quilting | Designing Patterns

Have you ever tried collage quilting? I haven't, not yet.  I am going to try it with the number four design I made in the #30quiltdesigns2018 challenge being hosted by mmmquilts

Lady Luck Quilts is hosting a class on collage quilting in March, and I thought it would be an excellent place to start.

I was playing around with my scraps looking for ways to use them up and I combined them with a New York Beauty block by using foundation paper piecing. I sort of had a hard time finding a free pattern for this block. It probably shouldn't have been hard to find but, there it is.

I ended up copying this jpg. and pasting into word then dragging the corners until it was the size I wanted. I printed it on regular printer paper and watched a quick youtube tute on how to paper piece, and I was off to the races! 

The NY NY pieces turned into an inspiration for the #7 quilt design called NY Mandala 

I am learning so much through this design challenge about myself and how the art world works.

For example; A couple of days ago I was furious that someone "stole" one of my design elements. There are so many quilters and artists out there that there is a high degree of repetition that I need to chill out about. It is part of the learning process of getting your work out there. Don't get me wrong I am still going to do what feels right for me at the time, but I am going to sit back a little more, be a little more humble, and enjoy the process for myself.

If you want to watch follow me on Instagram or join in yourself! It is a really good challenge.

Untuil next time my friends, stay humble


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  1. I participated in the challenge last year and like you I felt that some people in the world ( not the challenge) stole my designs and also like you I realized that maybe there are only so many ideas in the world and maybe those people got to that design independently....but also sometimes somebody start with your or my idea and took it further. Would be nice to get the recognition at least though, wouldn't it.

  2. Love the New York Beauty so far. I am so sorry you have had a design element taken. I had someone take an idea from me one day. In a small group of friends I was asked what will be your new art quilt. I said it. Then one of them made it, even called me and asked if I was entering mine in the show, because she had made one too. Wow! Please know we do put ourselves out there and can be a target. Please keep sharing even if it is after the art is made. It is so nice to see where the inspiration came from. Love your drawings. I like to do some drawing sometimes too. I am careful not colour them, because then I sometimes to not make it in fabric if the colour is done.

  3. I hadn't come across the challenge, but it looks like a great motivation to think about design.


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