Friday, February 2, 2018

Quilting | Monster Mash is Done!

I was working in the lab late one night
When my eyes beheld an eerie sight

For my monster from his slab began to rise
And suddenly to my surprise

I did the mash! I did the monster mash!

The lil monster mash (I call it)

This cute scrappy quilt was sent off this week to a little girl in South Carolina :) on a Simbi trade. I can't bear to sell my quilts yet. They take so much time and thought I would never recover my effort. It feels better to give them away and count them as part of my creative process.

There are so many pieces of different textiles in this quilt. Some are designer fat quarters, some African prints, leftover pieces of clothing, pillowcases, I even see one of my old favorite shirts in there. (the blue pink and grey plaid)

In on of Kaja's latest blog posts (Partial Seams for Total Satisfaction) she talked about being so impatient for the quilt to come together there were pieces missing from the top. In the top right-hand picture, I was so impatient to do some quilting on the top that I left out a few pieces until the very end as well. I wonder how many of us do this? lol!

 I bound this with a 5" folded machine stitched binding. I quilted it with an x through each 3.5" square (3" finished)

I used a batting that was fluffy! this thing is cuddly! I really loved having this on my lap while I was quilting it.

The backing is an upcycled duvet cover and it had a rip in it! I put the cutest 6X6 castle patch on it from STOF  fabric sweet princess line. I didn't take a picture of it, which makes it a bit of a little treasure.

I can't believe that this started as a couple of scraps and a request. I love the productive magic that comes from quilting from scraps. I pride myself on making something from nothing; my husband recently declared to me "you know what is cool hun, we are makers! we make things that weren't there before, and that is amazing. I am proud to be that"

So am I my love, so am I.

Until next time, stay magical my friends


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  1. A lovely cuddly quilt! So many different fabrics to look at, it'll be much loved I'm sure.

    1. Thank you Linda, I am really liking the cuddly aspect of the quilts I am making recently. I am just learning and exploring different types of batting; how they work with different quilting, and how they contribute to the overall function and appearance of the quilt. It is a lot of fun to discover.

  2. What a wonderfully snuggly quilt!! I'm sure its new owner will love it.

    1. Doesn't it just make you want to snuggle down with a book or a show? I think I would of loved to have something like that when I was a kid. I sure love having them as a adult! lol. I adore blankets all of them :)

  3. I love the scrappiness of this fun little quilts. And I love the fact that you used clothing and such, not just leftover fabric from other projects. That is the meaning of quilting in my opinion. Make do and use it up!

    1. Hi Judy, This was such a fun little quilt <3 I love upcycling and reusing. but I still get tempted and end up buying new designer prints every once in a while. And every so often I go on a crusade asking all of the shops if they have ethical fabric, where the material is "fair trade" and didn't contaminate the environment it was made in. most of them dont know or dont want to know what I am talking about. such a shame. I hope things change. we have such an abundance. sorry for the rant.


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