Thursday, September 6, 2018

Quilting | Threads

SO, I dont know a lot about thread. Period. So, I have gone and done some research. Where is the best place to start? the fat quarter shop! They should have a good selection right?

I learned that there was a 12 weight labeled finishing thread.
There is an 80 weight labeled applique
and there is a 50 weight. (which I am not sure what it is for yet).

Hand quilters use 8 weight . Is this perle cotton?

Then there is the 6 strand embroidery floss that doesn't have a weight, but I am assuming it is like the regular embroidery floss that shows up everywhich way.

Now the yardage of thread seems to be important too from a value and "distance or time on the machine" perspective?

I found out that it actually it correlates to a size of spool - the big ones and the little ones - duh why didn't I clue in to that?

There seems to be packaged in packs, cases, single, bundled with fat quarters and in "a box"  phew. If you are not overwhelmed yet I sure am.

All of my thread is thrifted except for a couple of cones and small spools (like 2).  I am curious as to how one finds out which weight each of the spools are?

I am finding that the thread makes more of a difference than the needle when I start to have trouble with my stitches. What about yours?

I really want to start hand quilting some quilts. I am pretty sure I have a large quilting needle somewhere. I cant wait to show you all an update!

Linking with Finished or not Friday because I am definitely not finished learning about threads!

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  1. Aurifil has a really good explanation of the different weights/purposes and threads and needles. Needles have larger holes as the numbers go UP. Thread is thicker as the numbers go DOWN. Typically 60 weight was an embrodiery or applique thread - fairly fine, 50 weight piecing, 40 weight quilting - stronger & thicker to go through all the layers. Superior threads also has good explanation of both threads and needles. That being said, you should do what works and enjoy the process.

    1. Hi Kathleen, Thanks! I will check out that site I wonder if any quilters have written any books about threads yet? I am reading a slew of quilting books from the library right now but it only mentions the basics about the threads. I value your explanation, I seem to be a talk it through kind of girl and your words are helping me to get a better understanding of the whole picture!


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