Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Quilting | FAL Q4 - 10 Reasons to Order Pizza

I have posts in my drafts un published. They are perfectly good, they have pictures, they have a touch of humor, a story and even some quilting.  What more could I ask for? yet they go un-published. The psychology of my mind baffles me sometimes.

This time I am just pushing the publish button and hope you enjoy this list of what inspires me, stresses me, entertains me and distracts me in my sewing room on a daily basis.

1. Post Punk Circus

I am sooo looking forward to putting this one together! I give away most of the quilts I make, but once in a while one stays with me. All of the major pieces are complete and ready to assemble.

2. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

I need to choose a quilting pattern for it. Roll up my sleeves, switch feet and get to it.

3. Pink in the Series of Three

This is a client quilt that needs "backing quilting and binding" - (this is the song of my people, you know who you are)

4. Birds in the Series of Three

I haven't even started this one! eek! it is a client quilt too. The same client as above.

5. Swoon in the Series of Three

This one is getting good! I am resisting the urge to desperately want to keep this one. I keep encouraging myself that I can make another one if I really want one. 

6. Wild Child 

waiting for a good thing is hard and not every client can do it so now I get to gift this one or keep it all for myself. 

7. Superman Hooded Towel

My Dear Client has been waiting ever so long for this one. Perhaps I need to take a couple of days from everything shut the door order pizza for all meals and get this stuff done!

8. Kimono

Um, This one is super old and is starting to feel embarrassing.
Finish it Sarah! Finish it.

Maybe my list is too long... I am getting all angsty just writing about all these "loose ends" I am even starting to call them derogatory names! like loose ends (sob)

But I am stubborn and addicted, so I introduce to you,

9. Jeweled Box Stars

this is a leader and ender challenge with Bonnie Hunter. I am doing the traditional pattern instead of the flipped version that Bonnie created.

That's it for me today friends, Until next time, Stay angsty,


UFO Busting


  1. Good luck Sarah. You can do it. I think you need to focus. Have fun!

    1. Hi Lisa! Thanks for your encouragement! Because of it. I have completed the wild child quilt top already!

  2. Best wishes. I appreciated your humor which I can relate to!!!

    1. bahaha. I am glad you like the humor Terry. It lifts the mood of the perpetual over-commitment I find myself regularaly in! I find that it is the spice of life, the sprinkles on top! My favorite quilt comedian is the bitchy stitcher at

  3. Love your kimono, such beautiful fabric! And your 'swoon' blocks are very pretty. Sometimes just making 'the list' is enough to prompt another finish!

  4. Your list sounds very much like mine. Oh, how those client quilts can be such a double edged sword. Here's hoping you find some time to work on yours soon!


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